Med Spa Patient Acquisition | Automated Lead Gen & Marketing Strategies Updated

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The agency’s latest strategies are designed to enhance lead generation and maintain high customer engagement rates. Their end goal is to help medical spas and skincare clinics keep a full calendar.

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Digital Page Marketing’s announcement coincides with a Harvard Business Review article about the issues marketers face when setting up a digital marketing campaign. According to the report, only 40% of marketers have systems in place to decipher analytics and truly understand how to use the data they get from various software. By tracking prospects throughout the customer lifecycle, the agency can provide valuable insights to help spas understand the technical aspect of the campaign and elevate their knowledge of the online marketing landscape.

Beyond these personalized strategies, the agency’s campaign developers will use proven lead generation and automation techniques. These are designed to ease the workload of spa managers and technicians, allowing them to concentrate on delivering high-quality aesthetic services.

The agency’s strategy includes compiling a database of contacts and the deployment of GHL virtual assistants to automate CRM and follow-ups. Ensuring a steady stream of appointments, this innovative approach is expected to help spas secure as many leads as possible.

On the digital advertising front, Digital Page Marketing creates campaigns using hyper-targeted Facebook advertising strategies. These are created to engage potential clients on social media platforms, build the spa’s influence, and amplify its online visibility. This empowers spas to stay ahead of competitors offering similar services.

Prospective clients are encouraged to book a 30-minute no-obligation consultation, during which the agency’s customer acquisition experts and lead managers will devise a unique marketing strategy to meet the med spa’s specific needs.

“Welcome to the Digital Page Marketing. We are an agency with one goal: To help your company succeed. When you work with us, our job isn’t just to ensure that your marketing is done on time and of the highest quality. Our job is also about caring for your customers throughout their life cycle. That means making sure that they know what they’re buying, why it matters to them, and how very important it is for them to buy it from you rather than anyone else,” a representative said.

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