Stan Fitzgerald coerced into a confession decades ago says private investigator on Stans Sports Memorabila FBI Bullpen

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Stan Fitzgerald wrongly convicted after being coerced for 58 months by FBI in operation bullpen dating back to 1999. Patrick Collis of Spartan Investigations finds Stans Sports Memorabilia to have been a victim of the fraud not a co-conspirator

Newark, New Jersey Jul 15, 2023 ( – By Spartan Investigations:

“The Government should not be allowed to threaten someone for 58 months, have multiple US Attorney’s decline to prosecute based on lack of evidence, and then leverage family on some insignificant tax amount to coerce a plea deal” Said Patrick Collis, PI, PPS.

Spartan Investigations reviewed polygraphs, bank records, attorney documents, exculpatory evidence and tape recordings from 23 years ago which strongly indicate Stan Fitzgerald was wrongfully convicted and he was a victim, not a co-conspirator, in this decades old FBI operation

Those Investigator findings were covered on Fox News affiliate WICZ – Fox 40.

Who is Stan Fitzgerald:

Fitzgerald is the founder of L-Strategies consulting firm and he brings to the firm political campaign experience from 1986-1999 in New Jersey where he worked on three winning campaigns. Currently, Fitzgerald has a vast political national network and experience with consulting both high profile and grassroots candidates. His unique services offer the ability of national press coverage reaching up to 180 million views.

Originally from Caldwell New Jersey Stan Fitzgerald now resides in Acworth Georgia where he started what developed to be a multi-million-dollar business in liquidations by going to yard sales and buying anything for resale online.

After retiring from the New Jersey Sheriff’s Department and moving to Georgia Fitzgerald was starting over with nothing. He started a business that very simplistically navigated weekend yard sales throughout the state and purchased goods for resale on the internet. From buying and selling other people’s junk, with his wife Donna, they turned that into a business that generated over 25 million dollars in sales on Amazon and Ebay in just 10 years.

After the 2020 election results, Fitzgerald felt disenfranchised as an American citizen so he chose to get involved with Republican America First politics. His wife Donna pushed back stating you will be attacked when you succeed. Stan Fitzgerald knew very well he would be attacked eventually for stepping up to help Save America but he did it anyways.

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