Plainsboro Family Childcare: Mixed Age Small Group Daycare, Curriculum Updated

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RisingStars Family Childcare announces that all its four programs (infants, toddlers, preschool, and pre-K) have been revised with a stronger focus on holistic development. In a safe home-like environment, children are taught to discover and nurture their original talents and become confident learners for life.

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The updated state-approved curriculum includes five distinguishing features – small group sizes, mixed age groups, family-like environment, flexible schedules, and personalized care. Compared to other center cares, RisingStars Family Childcare only accepts a limited number of students for each program. This allows them to care for a smaller group of children at any given time for more individualized attention and care.

Further, the daycare takes extra care to create appropriate mixed-age groups to provide more opportunities for socialization and learning from peers of different ages and backgrounds. These programs are also flexible to accommodate the needs of working parents.

Most importantly, RisingStars explains that its childcare center offers a home-like environment so that children can learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The trusted daycare is committed to providing more personalized care to address each child’s individual needs and interests.

RisingStars Family Childcare is an NJ-licensed facility that strictly follows CDC guidelines, including regular cleaning and sanitation of toys and bedding and state-of-the-art ventilation systems. Children are also taught proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

The daycare follows the “creative curriculum” set by the state, which prioritizes creating a playful family environment and using age-appropriate toys to help children in early reading and writing. Interested parents can schedule a flexible tour either in person or virtually.

Parents will also be introduced to the newly improved curriculum, and its focus on whole-child development. According to RisingStars, the first five years of a child’s life determine their personality, how they learn, and how they build and maintain relationships with others.

A spokesperson for the daycare said, “Our priority is keeping your child safe and healthy. We engage, support, and challenge children with fun-filled activities throughout the day.”

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