RECORDIAN Redefines Crypto with “Crypto Commandments” as the New Crypto Anthem

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Leading web 3 music platform, RECORDIAN LLC, takes pride in announcing the extraordinary achievement of “Crypto Commandments,” a captivating song by Edi Mean, Fos, and Kehmet. This remarkable anthem has emerged as the dominant force in the crypto industry, dethroning “Pump it Up” by Endor as the number 1 crypto anthem song. Through its educational message, “Crypto Commandments” has successfully exposed millions of fans to the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

Edi Mean, a highly acclaimed American hip-hop artist and a member of the renowned Outlawz group, has played a pivotal role in this groundbreaking success. Known by his stage name E.D.I. Mean, he now serves as the esteemed CEO of Recordian Music, a powerhouse project set to launch on PulseChain, Richard Heart’s groundbreaking new blockchain.

Edi Mean’s transition from his illustrious music career to the role of CEO at Recordian Music showcases his remarkable versatility and leadership. With a wealth of expertise in the music industry, he brings a deep understanding of the creative process to the table. Renowned for his dynamic performances and thought-provoking lyrics as a rapper, Edi Mean’s ascension to the position of CEO demonstrates his ability to navigate the business side of the music world. Under his guidance, Recordian Music has thrived, leveraging his industry knowledge to foster innovation, support emerging artists, and deliver captivating musical experiences to a diverse audience. The release and popularity of “Crypto Commandments” exemplify this successful approach.

Recordian LLC remains dedicated to addressing the challenges artists face in accurately tracking their earnings per stream. Through its innovative platform, Recordian provides artists with transparency, ensuring they know precisely how much they earn from their music. Additionally, Recordian offers listeners the opportunity to earn income by indulging in their passion for music through listening. This unique approach creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem where artists and listeners can thrive together.

As the resounding anthem “Crypto Commandments” emerges as the frontrunner in the crypto industry, RECORDIAN LLC proudly maintains its position as a pioneering force, driving transformative change in the music landscape while empowering artists and audiences alike. This ambitious endeavor is set to launch on the Pulse Chain blockchain, providing unparalleled visibility to the remarkable initiatives spearheaded by Richard Heart and his vibrant community. The symbiotic growth of Pulse Chain and Recordian is evident, showcasing their rapid expansion and promising future prospects.

Recordian Music will officially announce the start of their PulseChain raise within the next 24 hours. To stay up to date with this exciting development, please visit


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