Gemstone Heating Mat For Body Rejuvenation: Negative Ion Therapy Announced

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Each product of the newly expanded HealthyLine PEMF Mat product line integrates advanced technology and can be used as a solution to everyday stress-related tension. Leveraging the natural healing techniques provided by the mats, users may be able to alleviate the symptoms of stress and improve overall circulation and vitality.

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Following the announcement, HealthyLine’s devices feature semi-precious stones integrated into the mat design, with the Platinum version of the mat also coming with a PEMF control module. These features provide further customization opportunities to the end user and boost the rejuvenating effects of the devices.

The PEMF heat therapy mat by Healthyline utilizes a combination of 5 different natural healing technologies to provide temporary relief from a range of common symptoms. Individuals experiencing stress or anxiety can use the device to ease the deep muscle tension related to these conditions.

These 5 healing methods are PEMF exposure, far-infrared radiation, negative ion therapy, and direct application of photon light and heat, which are intended to mimic the vitality-boosting effects of spending time in nature, while allowing users to get those benefits while working, meditating, or sleeping.

One of the semi-precious stones integrated into the mat design is tourmaline. Of the 5 stones present in this selection, tourmaline offers the highest concentration of negative ion radiation, and will be activated when pressure is applied to the stones, i.e. when the mat is in use. These negative ions have been shown to provide a range of minor benefits to the body, making them a popular choice for those seeking stress relief.

The Platinum Mat controller is intended to improve usability and make the process of customizing one’s healing experience easier. A detailed instructional video is available on the HealthyLine website for both the advanced and simplified control modules, which will allow users to quickly set up the device to their liking.

The PEMF Mats are the most advanced all-purpose vitality-boosting products from HealthyLine yet. Several PEMF heat therapy mat models are currently available to suit a range of needs.

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