California Double-Insulated Commercial Pass-Thru Window: UV Protection Announced

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Insulated glass, also known as double-pane windows, holds the key to reducing energy consumption and utility expenses. The newly announced double-insulated commercial pass-thru awning windows from OpenUp Windows now come with a hard Low-e coating for full UV protection, helping California restaurant and cafe owners keep interior spaces cool, protected, and maximizing customer access.

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Double-insulated commercial pass-thru windows with UV protection are important features for restaurant owners in California, a state ranked number 11 out of the 15 hottest states in the country and number 1 for having reached the hottest temperature on record in the US: 134 F. To help California restaurant owners minimize cooling expenses, increase customer access, and provide a distinguished aesthetic, OpenUp Window announces specially crafted, long-lasting awning windows with both UV protection and double-pane insulation.

“When you partner with OpenUp Windows, we give you the option to select the high-performance glass package that suits your business best,” says a company spokesperson. “For restaurant owners in California, we can provide double silver and even triple silver electrolytically applied coatings to reflect long-wave heat radiation.”

Standard glass packages at OpenUp Windows come with 1″ thick insulated glass made up of two pieces of 3/16″ tempered glass separated by a black spacer. This creates a 5/8″ thick air pocket between the two panes, doubling insulation performance. They also offer argon gas to replace the air between the two panes for added insulating value.

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Easy and convenient to use, a single push is all it takes for OpenUp’s gas strut pass-thru windows to lift smoothly to a full 90 degrees. With no frames to block views or customer interaction, this type of window design helps restaurant owners maximize space for more streamlined operations.

The company’s proprietary 2Fold Technology blends sustainable Accoya wood sash interiors and frames with heavy extruded tubular aluminum for a more durable, long-lasting product. OpenUp’s pass-thru windows are also weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and termite-resistant.

With their newly introduced UV protection with double-pane insulation, OpenUp Windows is meeting the needs of California restaurant and cafe owners by maximizing kitchen space while minimizing utility expenses.

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