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Scottsdale, AZ – Hot new release: Larry Evans’ revolutionary new book, “The Millionaire Tax Solution: A Business Owner’s Guide to Legally Outsmarting Taxes and Preserving Profits.” This groundbreaking publication aims to provide business owners with access to tax strategies that were once reserved for the ultra-wealthy, now unveiled for the benefit of all entrepreneurs.

Larry Evans, CEO of Evans VFO and a tax strategy veteran with over 40 years of experience, is no stranger to the plight of the business owner facing overwhelming taxes. His new book is designed to act as a guide, revealing how business owners can maximize their wealth by implementing little-known, yet entirely legal tax strategies.

“The Millionaire Tax Solution” is not the typical tax advice book. Instead, it opens the doors to advanced tax planning methods, exposing strategies that Fortune 500 companies and billionaire families have been using for decades. Now, these strategies are accessible to business owners, bringing them a step closer to maximizing their profits and preserving their hard-earned wealth.

The book offers practical and actionable steps for business owners facing capital gains of $5 million or more, business owners earning over $1 million of adjusted gross income (AGI), those planning to sell their business in the next five years, and advisors to high-net-worth business owners.

“It’s time to demystify the world of advanced tax planning and make it accessible to more than just the ultra-rich. This book will level the playing field,” says Larry.

“The Millionaire Tax Solution: A Business Owner’s Guide to Legally Outsmarting Taxes and Preserving Profits” is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major booksellers. A digital version is also available for download at https://www.millionairetaxsolution.com/

About Larry Evans

Larry Evans has been helping business owners achieve their financial goals for over 40 years. Specializing in advanced tax planning, profitability enhancement, cash flow optimization, and business valuation, Larry has worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Where he learned many of the secrets he shares in this book so that business owners everywhere can benefit from the strategies typically only reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

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