Oakmount & Partners says Intergroup Mining is “on the cusp of something monumental”

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Oakmount & Partners Ltd managing director Glenn King speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about Intergroup Mining's progress toward its objectives of listing on the ASX, reaching production and publishing a feasibility study. King provides insight into all three, saying that the company is "embarking on the second part of its journey towards full production" and is "on the cusp of something monumental." He addresses the delays that have affected progress so far this year and says sentiment around the company is positive, with shareholders remaining confident. Oakmount & Partners Ltd is actively raising capital for the company's projects, and King sees a bright future ahead, including discussions with the Australian Government and potential offtake agreements. He also touches on his own relationship with Intergroup, highlighting that he was "one of the first seed investors" more than a decade ago. Oakmount and Partners describes itself as "a UK multi-award-winning Investment consultancy that introduces premium-quality investment opportunities to its high-net-worth clients, globally."

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