Fawn River Cultivation Company and BioLumic Unleash a New Era of Cannabis Varieties in Michigan

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Fawn River Cultivation Company and BioLumic announced today a new partnership to redefine cannabis cultivation in Michigan using BioLumics patented UV light technology, opening the door for new varieties to hit the consumer market by the end of 2023.

The BioLumic technology will enable the creation of varieties with unique wellness benefits and extraordinary experiences, said John Babcock, CEO, Fawn River Cultivation Company. Michigan consumers deserve more varieties with a greater value at every price point. In addition to curating best-in-class genetics to expand our product line, we look for innovative partners like BioLumic to help us meet the quickly changing market.

Now the nations second-largest cannabis market, the state of Michigan has positioned itself as a national leader in the cannabis industry. Fawn River services approximately 100 provisioning centers in the Michigan cannabis market with two retail locations in the Great Lake State.

Through this partnership, Fawn River will deploy BioLumics propagation-stage light recipes to regulate cannabinoids and terpenes profiles to develop a wider and more compelling range of consumer products and consumer wellness benefits.

Fawn River is a vertically-integrated cannabis company with a state-of-the-art cultivation facility, experienced team and a true understanding of what the Michigan cannabis consumer values in its varieties, said Steve Sibulkin, CEO, BioLumic. This partnership has the potential to redefine cannabis market dynamics in Michigan by ushering in a new era of products and product development.

Inside Fawn River Cultivation Companys Constantine, MI facility that will integrate BioLumics proprietary UV Light Technology (Fawn River Cultivation Company photo)
Inside Fawn River Cultivation Companys Constantine, MI facility that will integrate BioLumics proprietary UV Light Technology (Fawn River Cultivation Company photo)

Built on two decades of plant science, BioLumics UV Light Signal Recipe platform is based on the established science of photomorphogenesis the ability to regulate the genetic expression of plants with light. It combines plant genetic insights, wide-ranging plant response data and a software and hardware platform that can deploy trillions of short-duration light recipes. BioLumics Light Recipes are a targeted, programmed sequence of light spectrum exposure which activate positive growth responses in seeds and young plants.

The proprietary nature of the BioLumic light treatment pairings ensures defensible gains in an industry marked by quick-changing demands, said Babcock. It also allows us to go beyond cultivating top strains alone to create ongoing advantages that not only sets Fawn River apart in the industry but continue to improve our offering to consumers at an unbelievable pace.

To learn more, visit biolumic.com or fawnrivercc.com.

About BioLumic: Founded in 2013, BioLumic is a New Zealand and U.S.-based agricultural biotech company that programs plants and seeds with light to unlock growth, quality and health. The company's Light Signal Recipe platform combines biological data, plant science, and genetic marker knowledge to mediate genetic expression with a one-time application of light signals. BioLumic's Light Treatments are scalable and require no chemical application, genetic modification, facility expansion or large input costs. Contact us at www.biolumic.com or email to info@biolumic.com.

About Fawn River Cultivation Company: Fawn River Cultivation Company is a vertically integrated seed to sale cannabis company headquartered in Constantine, Michigan. Our focus is to cultivate and provide only the highest quality cannabis flower and premium products while offering world class customer service to our customers. Fawn River Cultivation Company strives to build a trusted brand that honors the cannabis plant as a part of a comprehensive approach to health.

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