Chaplain Training For Full-Time Employment Opportunities In Schools Launched

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The National School Chaplain Association has seen that in the United States, 87% of school chaplains are now also certified teachers, which is why they have developed a new training program specifically for teachers who are looking to swap a classroom-based role for a chaplain position. Given the esteem that the National School Chaplain Association is held in within both the public and private education sectors, they are confident that teachers who select their chaplain training program will be able to secure full-time employment in schools across America.

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The National School Chaplain Association appreciates that there are many teachers who currently feel stifled by the bureaucratic and administrative weight of modern teaching, and likewise have seen how a lack of pastoral care and sufficient counseling support services have negatively impacted student bodies across America. Therefore, they recommend their new training program, which they believe will empower teachers to step into a chaplain role where they can provide much-needed spiritual care and mental health and wellbeing support.

The new training program for teachers is an intensive eight-week course, which, thanks to The National School Chaplain Association’s training co-partner, Oral Roberts University, can now be undertaken online.

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The National School Chaplain Association knows that teachers already have extensive training in child and adolescent psychology, and have worked closely with students, and therefore this intensive program is designed to build on their existing skills and give them the tools they need to work on a one-on-one basis with students in need.

The National School Chaplain Association has seen that school chaplains can be a powerful support to school counselors–who are typically deeply overworked–and can provide spiritual guidance, general welfare support, and academic assistance.

The organization invites any interested teacher to pre-register today, with positions still open for their July/August intake.

A spokesperson for the National School Chaplain Association said, “Trained and licensed chaplains provide counsel, education, advocacy, life improvement skills, and recovery training, providing a bridge between the secular and spiritual environments of community life throughout the United States.”

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