Gengirl Media, Inc. Announces a New Line of Children’s Activity Books by Acclaimed Authors Gina and Jenae Heitkamp.

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Quiz Boss Activity Books and Journals

The Activity Books and Journals Promise Hours of Fun and Engagement.

Award-winning show-creatoLong Beach, California Jun 26, 2023 ( – r and children’s book author Gina Heitkamp, in collaboration with award-winning show-creator and seasoned child therapist Jenae Heitkamp, has just released a new line of children’s activity books. The collection is an exciting addition to the world of children’s literature with its unique combination of entertainment, creativity, and cognitive development.

The new line consists of five original books, each tailored to pique children’s curiosity, stimulate their creativity, and provide countless hours of amusement:

1.”Would You Rather For Girls” – A fun and engaging activity book that takes girls 7-12 on a journey of imagination and decision-making, as they are prompted with fascinating and laugh-out-loud dilemmas to ponder and discuss. The book includes 5000+ hilarious Would You Rather and This or That questions.

2.”Would You Rather For Boys” – Geared specifically towards young boys, this book features engaging games such as Would You Rather, Pick-It-Or-Kick-It, Never Have I Ever, and Grosser Than Gross, along with a joke section that will keep them laughing for hours.

3.”Would You Rather- It’s Summer Y’all!” – An ideal companion for the summer holidays, this book is filled with Would You Rather and This or That questions, jokes, riddles, trivia, fill-in-the-blank stories, and drawing pages to spark creativity and banish boredom.

4.”The Ultimate Sleepover Party Book” – Designed to make every sleepover an unforgettable experience, this book features games like Truth or Dare, and M.A.S.H., as well as recipes and more for the ultimate sleepover party.

5. “The Quiz Boss – All About Me Journal” – This full-color All About Me Journal has engaging, thought-provoking, and hilarious monthly personality quizzes, as well as daily feelings, prompts, and space to journal. It’s the perfect All About Me Journal for kids ages 7-12.

“These books are not just meant to entertain children but also to stimulate their mental development,” explains Jenae Heitkamp. “Our aim is to blend fun and learning in a way that is appealing to children. By posing intriguing questions, presenting exciting scenarios, and encouraging interactive games, we are fostering creativity, promoting decision-making skills, and enhancing language abilities.”

Gina Heitkamp adds, “We want to ignite children’s imagination and allow them to express themselves freely. These books provide an ideal platform for children to share their thoughts, interact with others, and have a great time in the process.”

Available at all major bookstores and online, this new line of children’s activity books is a must-have addition to every child’s library. Whether it’s for a birthday gift, summer vacation fun, or a sleepover party, these books promise a world of fun.

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About the Authors: Gina Heitkamp is a co-founder of Gengirl Media, Inc. and an award-winning show-creator and children’s book author known for her engaging stories and innovative approach to children’s media. Jenae Heitkamp is co-founder of Gengirl Media, Inc, and is a child therapist whose work revolves around cognitive and emotional development in children and incorporates that into storytelling and writing. Their collaboration brings together the perfect blend of fun, creativity, and mental development in children’s literature.

About Gengirl Media: Since 2014, Gengirl Media, Inc. has created brands, toys, and TV shows that inspire children all over the world. The company’s flagship product, Middle School Moguls, is a fashion doll and book line, and an award-winning TV show that aired on Nickelodeon.

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