Retail Content Marketing Calendar 2023 for eCom Brands: Holiday Dates & Keywords

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A new eCommerce calendar by AmpiFire has been released. The calendar is designed to provide eCommerce brands with valuable insights and strategies for developing, planning, and implementing effective content marketing strategies. It streamlines content management and empowers businesses to navigate the competitive landscape.

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The importance of content marketing in today’s fast-paced and competitive eCommerce landscape cannot be overstated. By utilising AmpiFire’s retail holiday calendar, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts.

eCommerce is booming, with brands selling physical products on a quest to boost traffic and sales.There is a lot on the line for retailers; they face intense competition, operational challenges, and the constant pressure to out-market their competitors.

There are many challenges to overcome, including high competition with little product differentiation, operational issues like supply chain and distribution, tightening profit margins, and the rise of direct-to-sale services like Amazon FBA.

The guide serves as a beacon of hope amidst a sea of challenges. By providing eCommerce brands with a wide range of marketing opportunities, it encourages them to set higher goals.

It encourages eCommerce brands to shift their focus towards organic search traffic and content creation and repurposing. It also enables strategic planning for specific social networks and media channels for both national observance days and holidays.

The calendar features numerous keyword ideas for various holidays and topics which store owners can use in their marketing campaigns to attract more attention to their brand, products and special offers.

A well-known platform, AmpiFire specializes in promoting e-commerce brands’ visibility and reputation. Businesses can leverage its content amplification services to increase their online popularity by getting their brand mentioned on popular platforms such as NBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, and Yahoo! News.

With AmpiFire, brands can amplify their voices and reach a wider audience. AmpiFire strengthens brand trust and value by securing brand mentions on influential media sites, video directories and blogs, which ultimately increase sales and customer loyalty.

The ecommerce calendar for content planning offers multiple advantages, such as keeping businesses organized and consistent in their posting.

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