ERTC Application & Eligibility Check For Hospitality Businesses, Service Updated

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With their recent expansion, focuses on small business owners in the hospitality industry who may be unaware of the ERTC funds that are available to them, or who believe they may be ineligible due to a past PPP loan.

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The updated service includes pre-qualification checks to determine if a business meets the ERTC criteria, along with documentation preparation and application support for eligible clients.

While most business owners will have heard of the ERTC program that was launched by the government to support businesses following the pandemic, they may be unaware of its recent amendments. Many SMB owners mistakenly believe their business does not qualify for the program and are missing out on crucial funding as a result. That’s why’s team offers eligibility and application support services that help hospitality business owners check and claim their owed refunds.

The company works with a team of CPAs who are solely focused on the ERTC program, its stipulations, and application processes. The team will gather relevant documentation, determine how much a business may be owed, and collate the application. highlights that hospitality businesses that have between 2 and 500 employees could be eligible for up to $26,000 in tax credits per employee. Additionally, as this funding is not a loan, business owners can use it however they like without needing to repay it.

The ERTC application services are available for businesses throughout the hospitality industry, such as owners of restaurants, cafes, bars, and food delivery companies. also assists retailers, construction companies, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and real estate businesses in applying for the ERTC.

Hospitality business owners looking to learn more about the program can find further details on the company’s website. The site also has a contact form for those wishing to arrange a consultation with a representative of’s team.

A recent client of said, “We are in the restaurant delivery industry and had some challenges with our expansion operations over 2020 and they helped us qualify for over $100,000 in ERTC.”

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