New Book “Winning Streak” Reveals Simple Strategy for Consistent Betting Success

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Ivan Cavric, an experienced and successful day trader and a horse racing enthusiast, has announced the release of a new book, “Winning Streak: A Strategy for Consistent Betting Success.”

The book focuses on a unique and easy-to-follow strategy for maximizing returns in horse racing betting, emphasizing the importance of money management and taking a long-term approach.

Through years of personal experience and research, Ivan Cavric has developed a strategy that can be applied by bettors of all levels, from novice to expert. Using day trading as a model and in particular the money management aspect of trading, the book provides a clear and concise explanation of the strategy, along with practical tips and examples for successful implementation.

“What sets this book apart is that it’s not about picking winners,” says Ivan Cavric “It’s about managing your money and making informed decisions that will help you come out ahead in the long run. It’s not rocket science, but it does require discipline and a willingness to stick to the strategy.”

The book has already received positive reviews from early readers, with many praising its simplicity and effectiveness. One reader noted that “Cavric provides a clear and practical approach to betting on horse racing that anyone can follow. I wish I had this book years ago.”

“Winning Streak: A Strategy for Consistent Betting Success” is now available for purchase on Amazon at:

It’s a must-read for anyone looking to improve their betting skills and increase their chances of success in horse racing.

About The Author

Ivan Cavric boasts over 35 years of experience as a trading and investing professional, having worked as an investor, speculator, Investment Advisor, Futures and Commodity Broker, and Options Broker. With a diverse background in multiple trading disciplines, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Outside of work, Ivan is an avid reader and a keen follower of thoroughbred horse racing. He owned and raced thoroughbred racehorses on Class “A” North American tracks. In addition to his acclaimed book on Forex Trading, he has authored other books on the self-development and entrepreneurship.

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