Therapeutic PEMF/Far Infrared Mat For Deep Tissue Cellular Detox Aid Launched

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This announcement comes on the heels of preliminary research suggesting that PEMF and far-infrared light exposure may help cells in the body regenerate and cleanse the body of toxins. HealthyLine’s InfraMat product line is capable of performing both of these functions, alongside a variety of other therapeutic capabilities.

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The basis of this announcement from HeathyLine lies in reports of increased feelings of overall wellness following periodic exposure to PEMFs, or pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. These pulses have been demonstrated to stimulate cellular activity and have shown some degree of regenerative capabilities which may help those looking to cleanse or detox.

The HealthyLine InfraMat can perform PEMF therapy and far-infrared therapy, both of which have been studied as methods to stimulate deep tissue in the body. The combination of PEMF and infrared rays is capable of penetrating 4-6 inches into the body, mimicking the effects of natural sunlight.

Alongside these capabilities, the InfraMat Pro is also able to facilitate negative ion, photon light, and hot stone therapies using a range of technologies. Each of these additional therapeutic methods has demonstrated positive effects on the body and its systems, though the specific effects of each method will vary by user.

Negative ion therapy, like PEMF and far-infrared therapies, is intended to mimic the experience of being in a natural environment. Negative ions are naturally produced by large bodies of fast-moving water, high-altitude air, and by certain minerals – the latter being the method used in the InfraMat Pro. Semi-precious stones embedded in the mat such as amethyst, quartz, jade, tourmaline, and obsidian are intended to provide the user with a steady constant supply of these negative ions when the mat is in use.

Light therapy, the most widely-used technology included in the design of this product, has been shown to directly correlate with reports of better mental health. Once again, the designers of the mat have sought to create a system that mimics the benefits of existing in nature while making those benefits available in a self-contained package.

The InfraMat is available in 3 different tiers, depending on the health goals of the user. More information regarding the specific capabilities of each model is available on the HealthyLine website, alongside a complete explanation of the benefits of using the various therapies the product is capable of performing.

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