1/20 oz Gold Bullion Coins 9999 Purity, Royal Canadian Mint Collection Update

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The new collection features entry-level gold coins, ideal for collectors or investors who are just starting to build their portfolios. The 1/20 oz coins come with certification documents, so they can be easily traded anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit https://canamcurrency.com/collections/gold-coins

The release coincides with a statement made by Robert Kiyosaki, an investor and finance guru, about gold trends in 2023. In his statement, Kiyosaki predicted that gold prices would surge up to $3,800/oz by the end of 2023, with interest rate hikes and the threat of recession keeping markets unstable.

For investors and collectors interested in gold, CanAm Currency Exchange recommends the 1/20 oz Royal Canadian Mint gold bullion coin. The small denomination makes it accessible for beginners, but it is also ideal for those looking for assets that are easy to liquidate.

The 1/20 oz gold bullion coin is one of the few gold products of this weight that The Royal Canadian Mint has produced as a collectible item, as this is usually done for bullion products and fractional sets only. This showpiece comes with its own mint-sealed plastic flex seal for easy viewing and to protect it from dents and tampering. Owners are advised not to remove the coin from the case as this can impact the value of the coin and make it more difficult to authenticate.

The 1/20 oz Royal Canadian Mint gold bullion coin features a three maple leaf design, which represents the three oceans that border Canada – the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific. Also called the Everlasting Maple Leaf gold coin, it has a reverse-proof finish with a frosted texture that highlights the polished surface of the maple leaf design. These unique features add to the coin’s value as a collector’s item.

“Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are a crucial addition to any portfolio, due to their remarkable luster, which is gleaned from the 9999 purity. The authenticity of your investment will never be questioned with enhanced secure-radial lines. This a showpiece and a perfect purchase for investors and collectors alike,” a representative said.

More information is available at https://canamcurrency.com/collections/gold-coins

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