Long Staple Perle Cotton Threads, Variegated Hand-Dyed Colorfast Colors Launched

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Valdani is proud to announce that all of their solid and variegated color threads are now hand-dyed and colorfast. As one of North America’s biggest sewing thread suppliers, Valdani is constantly investing in research and development in order to produce better thread naturally.

More information is available at https://www.valdani.com/

Following the announcement, Valdani has made the choice to naturally hand-dye their long staple perle cotton threads for several reasons. As a recent article on Zen Yarn explained, hand-dyed yarns and threads possess significant benefits. For the individual consumer, hand-dyed threads produce richer colors and are one-of-a-kind, making them better for artisan creations. For the sewing community as a whole, hand-dying uses natural rather than synthetic dyes, which makes colors not only more dimensional and robust but also makes the thread more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Valdani believes that by making the shift to 100% naturally hand-dyed thread, they can become a true leader in the North American thread market, and offer their customers the richest and most beautiful color collection.

Valdani has also developed their hand-dying methodology to ensure the longevity of their colors, and they believe their colors will maintain their luminousness and depth for generations; something they know is particularly important to quilters and embroiderers, who often pass their projects down through their family.

The thread makers now have over 300 deep and vibrant colors available to their customers, with both solid and variegated shades on offer. Because they hand-dye, Valdani is also confident that their customers will notice the careful transition points between the colors in their variegated threads.

Valdani retails both thread and floss for sewing, quilting, embroidery, stitching, wool applique, cross-stitch, punch needle, crochet, and more. They work with individual sewists, businesses, and stockists throughout North America.

A spokesperson for the thread makers said, “Research and development is one of our business areas that we consider extremely important. Through extensive research and lab testing, we have developed a unique technology of hand-dyeing our threads, and not only the needlecraft ones, but the machine ones as well. The stunningly rich rainbow of colors that you will find in our hand-dyed variegated and solid threads is unmatched on the market.”

More details can be found at https://www.valdani.com/product/perle-cotton

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