The Siemon Law Firm, an Atlanta Divorce Lawyer, Eases Family Transitions with Compassion and Integrity.

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Atlanta, GA – Individuals and couples dealing with legal issues involving their families often experience confusion, frustration, and anxiety due to the complexity of family law. For instance, a divorce case encompasses a wide range of aspects such as finances, property, estate planning, paternity, child custody, and visitation rights. Such issues impact every aspect of life, adding to the already high levels of stress and uncertainty experienced by those involved.

The Siemon Law Firm knows that legal representation from a qualified family law attorney Atlanta during divorce is one of the most important decisions. For this reason, a team of attorneys and staff dedicate their careers to helping clients navigate all family issues they encounter in divorce by offering legal advice, participating in negotiations, and taking a case to trial.

The law firm advises every spouse starting proceedings to hire an attorney to mitigate conflict, create a settlement agreement beneficial to all parties, and understand their spouse’s/family’s finances early to uncover hidden assets. They can also build their credit for a secure financial future and think about their living situations outside the marital home. Although divorce may seem like the only option for a couple, a spouse must choose grounds for divorce, whether mental/physical abuse, adultery, mental incapacity, desertion, forced marriage, imprisonment, mental illness, drug addiction, or failure to disclose a pregnancy.

During representation, a divorce attorney Atlanta may file for an annulment when a client can’t consummate the marriage, didn’t have their parents’/guardians’ permission to get married, acted on a joke/dare, or concealed issues like an STD, familial relations, or bigamy. When a spouse files for divorce in Georgia, the court issues an automatic domestic standing order even if the case involves jurisdictional conflicts or foreign child custody considerations. The Siemon Law Firm has a network of private investigators who research a spouse’s activities in person, on social media, and other avenues to develop a client’s case or defend their interests.

Divorce cases almost always lead to financial adjustments for all parties. A child support lawyer offers practical solutions to ensure parents receive fair treatment in settlement agreements or court proceedings. When determining how much parents must pay, the attorney considers children with special needs, unique/custom child custody/visitation arrangements, high-asset divorces, non-W-2 income, and other individual situations. If an ex-spouse fails to support their child, they are found to be in contempt and may be subject to penalties like monetary judgment, jail, or court-ordered payment plans. The lawyer may offer guidance on the next steps, suggest modifications, provide mediation services, or address other practice areas affecting child support like alimony, custody, and prenup agreements.

The Siemon Law Firm provides zealous advocacy for professional athletes, business owners, and celebrities with significant assets. A divorce lawyer Atlanta handles high-conflict family and business cases like domestic violence, contested child custody, asset distribution, marital property issues, asset valuation, and pre/postnuptial enforcement.

Visit their website to learn more about their practice areas, or call 770-888-5078 to schedule an appointment. The Siemon Law Firm is at 3400 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 555, Atlanta, GA, 30326, US.

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