Indexed Universal Life Insurance For Retirement & IUL Calculator: Guide Released

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The new guide from Indexed Universal Life details the many advantages this type of insurance policy offers, especially to those nearing retirement and looking for a safe option that would protect them from rising tax rates and market fluctuations.

More details can be found at IUL in Retirement

With 69% of Americans worried that the economy could slide into a recession before the end of the year, the latest release provides insights on how seniors and retirement planners can leverage indexed universal life (IUL) insurance to preserve their wealth.

According to the guide, indexed universal life (IUL) insurance, like other products in the same category, offers principal stability, which means that the IUL policy cannot go down in the case of a market decline. Beyond this feature, the policy also has a cash value component based on the performance of an underlying market index.

The guide explains that the cash value inside an IUL insurance policy grows on a tax-deferred basis, which means no capital gains taxes are owed unless the funds are withdrawn. Should the policyholder decide to withdraw money, they can access their funds tax-free through an IUL policy loan. “Having access to an investment that you can access tax-free is an enormous benefit in retirement,” the guide clarifies.

Despite these benefits, the company explains that indexed universal life insurance has its drawbacks. As such, it advises readers to consult with experienced IUL professionals to determine whether the product is right for their situation. Learn more at What is IUL

Alongside its extensive library of resources, from ebooks and guides to informative articles that address consumers’ concerns about IUL insurance, the company matches readers with local IUL experts for consultation. Readers can browse the website’s “Find an Expert” section to connect with IUL professionals near them.

An excerpt from the guide reads, “The major benefit of using an IUL in your retirement planning is the benefit of choice. IUL owners enter retirement with an additional asset that is guaranteed not to lose value in down markets and could significantly outperform other investments with similar risk profiles.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting IUL Calculator

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