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Following the update, customers can now order premium espresso coffee on GoCoffeeGo LLC’s website. The blends available include dark roasts and French espresso, among many others.

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With the latest expansion of their selection of espresso, GoCoffeeGo remains committed to providing customers with quality roasts for their coffee. Recent studies have shown that 22% of Americans prefer specialty coffee, a statistic that is continuing to display an upward trend.

GoCoffeeGo answers the demand for gourmet coffee by sourcing all of their products from reputable, award-winning roasters. Customers who purchase coffee from GoCoffeeGo can be assured that they will receive a freshly roasted-to-order batch that they can use to brew a barista-style beverage from the comfort of their home.

A popular blend in GoCoffeeGo’s collection of espresso coffee is Doma Coffee’s Marco’s Organic Blend, which is a dark roast characterized by mellow acidity and a syrupy body. As an organic blend, this coffee is produced without chemical additives or pesticides. The blend contains notes of brown sugar, chocolate, and cedar, and it is particularly suited for making espresso.

Also available as part of the collection is Tony’s Espresso Noir, a dark espresso coffee with naturally sweet and velvety notes. The beans used to make this coffee are washed, a process that removes impurities from the grinds and results in a cleaner taste. GoCoffeeGo recommends drinking this coffee as an espresso shot or using it for an Americano for the best flavor.

When purchasing from GoCoffeeGo’s website, customers can choose from various bag sizes ranging from 12 oz. to 5 lbs. While the coffee in this collection is best enjoyed as an espresso, grinds for the French Press, percolator, and drip machines, along with whole beans, are also available.

GoCoffeeGo was founded in 2008 and has since become the largest online marketplace for artisan coffee.

A satisfied customer said: “I have bought nearly all of my coffee over the past several years from GoCoffeeGo. I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking to Elise Papazian, president of the company. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her products and services. I most definitely recommend this company for all of your coffee needs.”

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