Pasadena Electrical Panel Installation & Replacement: Electrician Service Update

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Zoom Electricians provides customers with safe and reliable electrical systems so they can use their TVs, computers, appliances, and smartphones with peace of mind. As part of the expansion, they are helping both new and old residential properties benefit from their services.

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Electrical panels are a vital component of any home because they ensure that electricity is appropriately distributed. When an electrical panel is not working efficiently it can negatively affect the performance of appliances, increase utility bills, and create potential health and safety hazards.

Zoom Electricians can help eliminate these risks by making sure that electrical panels are installed correctly and that they function as designed.

Their team of licensed professionals performs repairs, replacements, and installations of electrical panels. For optimal performance, they recommend that electrical panels be inspected every 3 to 5 years, and upgraded every 25 to 30.

A reliable electrical panel provides safe, efficient, and sufficient electricity so customers can use their devices stress and worry-free. It can also allow them to increase the number of outlets available in their home, lower their utility and insurance costs, and even qualify them for rebates from their power companies.

To know if a new electrical panel needs to be installed or if an old one needs to be repaired, Zoom Electricians suggests keeping an eye out for certain signs, such as flickering lights, unusual sounds from a fuse box, breakers tripping constantly, smoke from outlets, burning smells, and burnt-out appliances.

“I use Zoom Electricians for all of my home electricity needs,” said a satisfied customer. “My home is quite old so my electrical panel was due for an upgrade. They got me a new one in no time at all and the process went so smoothly that I hired them to do a few other projects. I can’t recommend them enough.”

About Zoom Electricians

Since 1988, the licensed professionals at Zoom Electricians have been providing electrical services to customers across California. In addition to electrical panel installation and repair, they also install and repair circuits, fire alarms, outlets, wiring, lighting, and EV chargers.

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