Oxnard Dental Surgery Specialist For Elderly: On Site Lab Service Updated

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The Anacapa Dental Art Institute is now able to offer a full range of dental services for patients with additional needs, using their recently updated specialist-owned sites and in-house dental lab, to handle the entire process for even the most complex cases,

More information about Anacapa Dental Art Institute, the in-house dental lab, and a full list of available specialists can be found at https://www.anacapadental.com

With access to a full team of specialists, Anacapa Dental Art Institute is able to provide sedation dentistry using either oral or general anesthesia, and full smile makeovers in a single day. Using the updated on-site services, the entire process can often be handled while clients wait, so they can minimize the time spent without their full smile.

Though other “teeth-in-a-day” places exist, they often use acrylic dentures and require patients to wait for several months before using their implants. The Anacapa Dental Art Institute’s single-day service uses a unique new procedure called the “All-On-4/6 plus” technique, which allows clients to leave the clinic with fully functioning permanent teeth, on the same day.

This technique is often used for elderly or sick clients who may be less able to spend several months without a functioning set of teeth, or for patients who simply do not want to be seen in public without their teeth. When combined with the clinic’s sedation dentistry options, the All-On-46 plus procedure can provide a near-painless way to replace an entire smile, in a single day.

The on-site services allow simple procedures like relining dentures, or adding additional teeth to partial dentures, to be done while the client waits. While the on-site laboratory allows many procedures to be completed quickly, it also allows Dr. Jivraj, founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, to personally oversee complex operations and make adjustments to ensure that each client has a satisfactory fit and bite.

Clients that require sedation, or other additional assistance, are encouraged to contact the clinic in advance of their appointment to discuss their needs. Sedation options are available for clients concerned about pain during their procedure, anxiety, or phobias of the dentist, and are available as either a mild oral sedative or general anesthesia that allows clients to sleep through their entire procedure.

More information about the All-On-4/6 plus procedure with or without sedation, the specialist team, and the Anacapa Dental Art Institute can be found at https://www.anacapadental.com

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