Grass Valley Frequency Specific Microcurrent Expert: Pain, PTSD Therapy Launched

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Led by Dr. Abbie Crimm, the Grass Valley-based clinic offers a wide range of healing modalities that draw from several different traditions, including acupuncture and functional medicine. Adding frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) therapies is one of several new treatment modalities the clinic offers.

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Adding FSM therapies offers patients a well-balanced approach to treating their health needs in tandem with traditional acupuncture treatments.

Frequency-specific microcurrent, or FSM, is a type of electro-medicine therapy that targets painful areas of the body with specific electrical current frequencies. By introducing injured tissues to these low-level currents, the treatment induces the production of cellular ATP, which can result in a faster healing process. FSM therapy has recently gained popularity as an alternate or additional pain treatment method.

Dr. Crimm explains that because not all conditions respond to just one type of therapy, using a tuned mix of healing modalities can be the most effective and efficient treatment strategy for chronic pain. By offering FSM along with traditional acupuncture and massage practices, Double Lotus Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine provides a comprehensive set of treatment options that can treat multiple conditions.

FSM has been proven to help treat physical and mental health issues. For example, concussions, fibromyalgia, and even PTSD symptoms have been highly responsive to improvement via FSM therapy.

Since each tissue type has its unique frequency, FSM requires expert knowledge of anatomy and each patient’s history of illness or injury to employ the treatment accurately. Dr. Crimm has Core and Advanced FSM training expertise and over 15 years of experience in acupuncture, massage, and integrative medicine.

A satisfied patient said: “I received tremendous healing benefits from Dr. Crimm. She thoroughly assessed my situation, listened attentively, and applied the appropriate treatments she deemed necessary: frequency-specific microcurrent, acupuncture, and massage. Over several weeks of regular treatment, my pain continuously subsided to the point of full recovery.”

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