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With the web design company’s recently updated services, companies who want to scale their businesses can get affordable, customized websites for lead generation, e-commerce, and online marketing. The company can create a single- or multiple-page website, provide web hosting, and integrate social media.

For more information, visit https://marzws.com/web-design/we-build-it

MARZ Web Solutions’ newest update coincides with a Forbes Magazine article about why an online presence is essential for building a brand and improving revenue. According to the report, companies that maximize their online presence reach a wider audience, which, in turn, translates to more sales.

The web design company builds custom, mobile-friendly websites with an e-commerce platform built into them. The Business Package allows a limited number of products to be displayed, usually a hundred or under, while the Growth and Professional Packages offer unlimited product displays.

MARZ Web Solutions recommends the Business Package for companies or content creators who are selling a small collection of merchandise. The Growth and Professional Packages are suitable for big online stores.

The web design services are priced on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, so clients are not bound by any contracts or retainer fees. There is a one-time set-up fee, and from there, clients are charged a flat rate for every page they request the web design company to create.

MARZ Web Solutions explains that one of the key benefits of outsourcing the creation and hosting of a company’s website is cost. Hiring an entire web development team is unattainable for many small businesses and startups. On-demand web design companies, like MARZ, are a good alternative – clients still get a customized website, but they don’t need to go through the process of hiring and onboarding a new team.

The client approves all designs for the website before it goes live. The creative team and the client can go through as many revisions as necessary to make the website just right for the business. The client does not need to make any payments until the design has been finalized.

“Businesses don’t have to worry about hosting, outages, or software updates because we manage all that technical stuff. We ensure your business website is safe and secure so you can focus on what matters most–your services,” a company representative said.

More information is available at https://marzws.com/web-design/we-build-it

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