APRIL 2023 LA BEST URBAN BOOK NEWS “This LA Urban novel have rise to greatness, and authentic at it’s own craft.

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This great LA urban, legendary gangster novel are the most realistic, and greatest urban book, ever touched down to the Los Angeles city limits/

Los Angeles, California Apr 12, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The great book, LAND OF NO PITY In and Out the system based on a modern day slavery, will give the visionary readers a chance to observe the true LA gangster life. coming straight from the Los Angeles street to the Los Angeles County Jail political system.

The book LAND OF NO PITY In and Out the system is written by Metaphysical Thinker, and Reality Author Cornelius Rogers, who resides in Los Angeles, California , and home of the notorious LA Crips and LA Bloods.

The LAND OF NO PITY In and Out the System based on a modern day slavery are inspired by Stanley Tookie Williams, Raymond Washington, and Laddel Dell Dog Rowles. All the events names, and places have been fictionalized to protect all friends and family. Reality author Cornelius Rogers was incarcerated inside the wicked LA County Jail system when this extraordinary master piece was created, doing ‘Great Metaphysical Thinking’ with no literary agent assistance. As Metaphysical Thinker and Realty Author Cornelius Rogers being locked up, his communication with real authentic LA gangsters was great access, and then the gangster stories are born. This great novel filled with LA Hood Language, LA Gang Riots, and LA Gang Politics coming from the LA Streets to the wicked LA County Jail Systems “2000 Floor Baker Row”.

The LAND OF NO PITY “In and Out the System Based On a Modern Day Slavery, shows the blind the way the LA street life, and politics operates without breaking no street codes. This extraordinary urban novel identifies 2 types of LA Crip, and LA Blood gang member entities. #1 You have your “Dumb Nut” homie that condemns any conscious understanding on a path to “Stopping Black on Black genocide in the city of Los Angeles. #2 You have your “Vigilante” homies that are 100% against “Black on Black” genocide, and anyone affiliated with such ignorance.

The book LAND OF NO PITY “In and Out the System is a road map to survival from the LA streets to the LA County Jails wicked political system. The greatest power expressed in this novel teaches repeat Jail or prison offenders that Jail is Hell, and don’t go back.

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