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The recent addition of TUSK Search to the platform provides users with a new tool to counter the effects of mainstream media bias and support freedom of the press. Given recent concerns about certain AI-driven search engines, the team behind TUSK strives to offer users a powerful alternative web browser that allows them to securely search for the latest uncensored news stories.

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The launch of TUSK Search comes as ethical issues have arisen about AI-driven content generators. Business experts at Monash University have expressed concerns that the ability of such content generators to create text mimicking human conversation could make them vulnerable to generating fabricated, biased, or otherwise misleading news stories.

The TUSK search engine provides an alternative to AI-driven search engines’ potential for bias and misinformation by focusing on uncensored news sources. TUSK Search’s viewpoint tuner allows users to choose search results based on their values – left, center, or right. This means they are free to search for stories reported from perspectives that align with their own, as well as to compare and contrast stories across different viewpoints. TUSK Search’s viewpoint tuner gives users greater freedom to exercise critical thinking and determine their own opinions on the news they consume.

TUSK Search also allows users to find information without the risk of it being blocked or removed. This means they can access news stories that have been buried by the mainstream media, and they will have a reliable means to do so even if such censorship intensifies.

About TUSK:

TUSK was founded by Jeff Bermant, a passionate patriot devoted to the fight against media bias. This passion drew him into the digital world of browser development, leading him to create TUSK. ??

“TUSK Search is a search engine created by a conservative organization for conservative users,” a spokesperson explained about the new site. “With filters for right, left, and center, you can see the whole picture, not only what tech giants want you to see.”

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