Virginia All-Cash Acquisitions Of Land With Delinquent Taxes, Service Expands

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The recently extended program is open to a variety of property types, including rural, forestry, and commercial or residential-use lots in urban areas. The company is now inviting submissions from owners of unwanted land parcels, with all-inclusive and no-obligation cash offers being made in as little as 24 hours.

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The latest move comes in response to the popularity of Land Avion’s program in several other states, such as New Mexico. The company attributes its success to the efficient and transparent process, as well as the ability to work with owners in a variety of financial situations, such as overdue tax payments or divorce proceedings.

Vacant land often takes significantly longer to sell, particularly if it is located in a rural area, or requires maintenance. While some owners are happy to wait several months or years to find a suitable buyer, others may need to offload their property in a much shorter timeframe.

Land Avion states that its cash purchase program offers a reliable and transparent option for those in need of a fast sale. In addition, the company does not impose any commissions, and cash offers are inclusive of all fees, allowing owners to maximize their returns.

“We are ready to give fair cash offers, regardless of the owner’s situation or the condition of the land,” a company representative explained. “Our all-cash offers are made quickly, and there’s absolutely no obligation to proceed. In addition, sellers pay zero real estate commissions, so they keep the full amount. We value helping people get out of a situation they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”

About Land Avion

The company’s founders have been involved in land acquisition since the 1990s, allowing them to establish highly streamlined and reliable processes. Prior to making an offer, Land Avion conducts due diligence on each property, ensuring that offers are fair and in line with local market rates.

“I received the cashier’s check from Land Avion as soon as I signed the deed with the notary,” one seller recently stated. “It was a real relief not having to pay tax on my inherited property anymore.”

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