South America Destinations For Digital Nomads: Sao Paulo Travel Guide Released

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In their latest report, Crucial Constructs outlines ten of the best places to visit in South America that also offer digital nomads reliable high-speed internet capabilities and coworking spaces.

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For each of the locations detailed in the new South America report, readers will learn about their typical cost of living and where to find accommodation to help them budget their trips accordingly.

While being a digital nomad allows individuals to travel and work from almost anywhere in the world, there are several key factors that must be considered before packing a bag and setting off. These factors include the accessibility of reliable Wi-Fi and working spaces so they can continue to work. To give remote workers access to all the information they need to know when planning their trips, Crucial Constructs are releasing a range of digital nomad travel guides with their latest covering South America.

By focusing specifically on a remote worker’s needs, the guide details each location’s average internet speeds and cost of access. Readers can also learn where to find affordable accommodation for a range of budgets, and how much they can expect to pay on average for food and transport.

Crucial Constructs’ report also provides information on for finding and viewing housing and office spaces in South America.

Alongside guidance regarding working as a digital nomad in South America, the report highlights each location’s culture, cuisine, and sightseeing opportunities.

Locations included in the website’s South America guide span the entire continent, including Medellin in Colombia, Quito in Ecuador, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Lima in Peru. The guide also expands to Central America for those planning a trip along the Americas with the inclusion of Medellin in Colombia, Antigua in Guatemala, and Mexico City.

A spokesperson for Crucial Constructs said, “South America is a vast continent with many exciting cultures to discover. It has excellent spots that are comfortable to stay and work at and is a great base to discover the continent’s beauty.”

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