Tampa FL Exclusive Buyers Agent 2023 Real Estate Reviews and Ranking List Update

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Reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis for over 25 years, the NBAA membership list tracks agent results and client feedback for real estate buyers’ agents in key markets across the United States. Leading agents in the hottest markets in the country – such as Tampa, FL and St. Petersburg are constantly ranked and reviewed. They may be contacted via NBAA’s inquiry form or by calling the national headquarters office based in Colorado.

Full information can be found at https://buyeragentsearch.com/find-a-buyers-agent/

Recognizing that desirable markets such as Tampa and Saint Petersburg are notoriously challenging for buyers to engage with unless they have expert local advice, parent company Skyfor Inc. established the NBAA’s membership of exclusive buyers’ agents and other highly credentialed buyers agents in 1998.

While there are some downward pressures on housing prices nationally in 2023, area, many homes still sell over the asking price. The association has also recently released a video comparing various housing trends in Florida. With an enormous range of listing price points (from the mid-$400k bottom to over $10 million at the high end) in desirable towns such as Saint Petersburg, it is important for buyers to have a knowledgeable professional who can represent their interests in trying to acquire a home.

To that end, NBAA’s ranking and rating services help people to find an agent in their desired market who has a documented track record of getting results for buyers. Results, in this context, may mean good value for the property, but can also include many other factors.

The success of listing agents who represent sellers is often measured simply in the dollar value of properties sold. Exclusive buyers’ agents have what many believe to be a more difficult job. Their success is better measured by client satisfaction and by tracking agents’ results in other categories. A good buyer’s agent has to balance a client’s financial situation with a host of other considerations including lifestyle, maintenance, evolving family needs, and long-term investment prospects – all while maintaining excellent communication and detailed knowledge of their local market.

About the National Buyers Agents Association

Founded in 1998, NBAA has extensive experience educating buyers and connecting them with top agents in all areas of the United States. Their Buyers Agent Search ranking database is founded on decades of purchase results and client feedback and is actively maintained on an ongoing basis.

According to one satisfied user of their referral service, “We couldn’t be happier. Using the Buyer Agent Search was incredibly efficient, and right away we had a first-rate agent to help us get into our dream home. That part wasn’t easy for us. We had set ourselves on a very specific area, and I don’t think we would have gotten into it without the patience, knowledge, and tenacity of our agent.”

Interested parties can learn more about how to prepare for a move to Florida at https://buyeragentsearch.com/preparing-for-a-2023-florida-home-purchase/

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