Smart Door Signs With LED Diffuser For Home Workers: Christmas Gift Idea Launch

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The work-from-home tech solutions provider now offers several models of its flagship wireless BusyBox door sign, which displays preset messages to prevent disruptions while working from home.

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The recently extended range of smart door signs comes in time for the holiday season, providing individuals with the opportunity to give someone they know they work from home a practical yet stylish gift.

The BusyBox comes in four models, namely Smart, Digital, Remote, and Pixel. Smart, or BusyBox S, the company’s most popular model, features swappable messages that can be slid in and out to fit certain situations. The sign lights up using an LED stoplight system, which is controlled using the BusyBox Sign App.

The Remote model, or BusyBox R, offers the same functions as the Smart, only it is controlled using a remote rather than the app. The Digital model (BusyBox D), features an HD screen, which makes it possible for messages to be customized, and the Pixel model (BusyBox P) model allows customized content as well, but rather in a retro, 8-bit style. Both the Digital and Pixel models are also controlled using the BusyBox Sign App. All models come with a rechargeable battery capable of holding a 120-hour charge.

With the BusyBox Sign App, users can control one sign through multiple devices, or multiple signs using one phone. The app allows customers to change messaging, or adjust brightness and color, with the touch of a button. The BusyBox Sign App can also sync with other apps, such as Google Calendar, Zoom, and Siri, to allow for both scheduled and automated messaging changes.

BusyBox also offers a range of accessories for its smart door signs, such as the BusyBox Button, which acts like a mouse for the BusyBox LED Door Sign, in addition to table stands, tripods, mounting plates, and stylish sign covers.

For owners of the BusyBox Digital model, the BusyBox website has a Status Gallery filled with downloadable images and GIFs. They offer both static and moving images, and the gallery is constantly updating.

BusyBox was created by Steve Skillin BusyBox in 2020 as a response to constantly being interrupted while working from home during the pandemic lockdowns. He and his partners quickly raised $300,000 on IndieGoGo and even had their product featured on the popular ABC show Shark Tank.

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