Plant-Based Bone Broth Powder, Vegan Alternative Soup For Women Launched

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Called Boon Broth, their new savory, all-natural vegan soup contains 12 grams of plant protein in each serving, as well as 72 trace minerals and collagen. Ecco Bella has developed their innovative plant-based bone broth alternative to support the health of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, as well as those individuals who have difficulty digesting animal proteins.

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Ecco Bella has responded to the ongoing rising popularity of bone broth, which a recent article on The Washington Post called one of the 2020s’ “health food favorites”. However, although it is currently a newsworthy health trend, the Cleveland Clinic cautioned its benefits may be overstated. As such, Eco Bella is on a mission to actually provide their customers with the benefits that are associated with bone broth through a strictly natural vegan recipe that is rich in plant minerals and plant proteins.

The brand’s new Boon Broth contains healthy organic ingredients like algae calcium and minerals, yellow chlorella, MSM, nutritional yeast and curcumin.

Eco Bella understands that a part of the appeal of bone broth is that it is a warming and comforting ritual. As such, they are confident that their Boon Broth will also help their customers to de-stress, relax and improve their mood. Eco Bella is also determined to provide their customers with a gourmet vegan experience, and they have given great attention to the taste and texture of their hearty, filling and rich broth.

Eco Bella is a vegan and female-owned company led by wellness and plant-based health advocate Sally Malanga.

A spokesperson for the plant-based wellness brand said, “Animals and fish seek nutrients from plants and algae. Instead of getting those nutrients second-hand from animal bones, we go to the source of all life, the sea. Here we obtain sea plants which are naturally rich in calcium and trace minerals. It’s just as nature intended, and this is why Boon Broth works so well.”

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