Dark-Roasted Italian Gourmet Coffee For French Press, Bird-Friendly Range Update

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GoCoffeeGo’s expanded inventory includes Italian-style roasts provided by a variety of award-winning roasters. The blends offered on their online store are suitable for the French press, and many of the coffees in this collection are sourced from farmers and producers who practice sustainable agriculture.

More information is available at https://www.gocoffeego.com/search/?q=Italian+Roast

The latest selection update coincides with recent trends among coffee consumers. A 2022 survey found that while one in two Americans prefer medium-roasted coffee, darker roasts have seen a steady rise in popularity. Italian-style roasted coffee has thus been growing in demand, as the length and high temperatures of the roasting process typically result in a very dark brew.

To meet the demand for darker roasts, GoCoffeeGo provides its customers with premium, hand-selected Italian-style coffees from the top roasters in the country. The coffee can be purchased in bags of 310 grams, 12 oz., 2 lbs., or 5 lbs., depending on the roaster. It can also be bought in bulk.

A highly acclaimed coffee that GoCoffeeGo offers on its site is the Southern Italian Style Espresso, an Italian-style roast with notes of chocolate and licorice. Produced from beans harvested from fair-trade organic and shade-grown coffee farms in Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, this blend is suitable for customers who would enjoy an intensely dark cup of coffee.

GoCoffeeGo also recommends the Organic Mendocino Vienna. This is a signature fair-trade organic Vienna roast with a bold, sweet taste and hints of nuts, chocolate, and caramel.

Both of the aforementioned blends are supplied by Thanksgiving Coffee, a specialty roaster known for its devotion to sustainably produced, environmentally friendly coffee.

Another popular blend is Klatch Coffee’s Italian Roast Blend. As a medium dark roast, it’s lighter than other Italian-style coffees but nonetheless produces a bold, full-bodied beverage with rich, smooth, and aromatic notes.

With many other blends and single-origin coffees available on their website, GoCoffeeGo remains one of the top retailers of specialty coffee in the makret. Since its founding in 2008, the company has served millions of customers across the country.

A satisfied customer said: “I am very impressed with the taste of the coffee. The company also provides good service. Great selection, roasted fresh daily!”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://www.gocoffeego.com/search/?q=Italian+Roast

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