New York Pizza Restaurant Self-Ordering Kiosk With Smart Recommendations Launch

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The newest self-serve food ordering kiosk options launched by Applova are optimized specifically for pizzerias and pizza-focused restaurants operating throughout New York and can be integrated with the company’s other contactless ordering solutions.

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While self-serve kiosks were often installed during the recent pandemic to reduce contact between customers and staff members, they have continued to improve since that time, and are now often used as a labor-saving device. The new kiosks from Applova can be used as a restaurant’s primary ordering system, in addition to a human-staffed till, or in combination with the company’s online ordering applications.

The new kiosks use a combination of advanced behavior monitoring, historical data, and continuous learning to determine which items on a menu should be suggested to a customer. This method provides a benefit to the customer, by reminding them of frequently forgotten or unconsidered options, and a benefit to the business by increasing customer ticket sizes.

While individual results will vary, research from Applova shows that smart recommendations can increase a customer’s ticket by 20 – 30%, without requiring any additional interactions with staff members. The recommendation service is built into the upgraded kiosk software and operates automatically, with no additional fees to the business owner.

Unlike traditional menus, which are often low on visual impact with a focus on written descriptions, the Applova kiosks are optimized for visual effect, with large, bright, high-resolution screens. This allows restaurant owners to include eye-catching images of their products, and to customize their kiosk aesthetic to make it match their own brand.

Applova also provides a full range of contactless ordering solutions for restaurant owners throughout the USA, which can be used individually or combined. While the new kiosks allow customers to place an order from within the store, they also provide and customize online ordering apps, which do not require a commission from each sale.

One satisfied client explained, “The perfect Kiosk solution for fast-casual restaurants. Works seamlessly with Clover and their customer support is a real person, literally helping you hand in hand to make sure everything works and that you are satisfied with the experience, their POS, and third-party app solution.”

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