School Emotional Intelligence Curriculum For Reduced Absenteeism Announced

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The company has announced its new EI curriculum with the intention of giving K-12 educators and students a structured personal development program to create a more productive and engaged classroom. Schools utilizing this curriculum, called “My Best Me”, have reported a 44% lower rate of chronic absenteeism, increased student participation, improved classroom relationships, and higher academic achievement overall.

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With this announcement, Hope Rising offers K-12 students a structured program for learning the essential psycho-social skills they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond. “My Best Me” fosters hope in students by teaching them this simple three-step method: set a positive goal based on individual strengths, create an actionable pathway to that goal, and build the willpower needed to achieve it.

Chronic absenteeism has a clear and direct negative impact on grades, classroom performance, and comprehension. Students who regularly miss class are often struggling with emotional turmoil, including stress, anxiety, or depression, possibly resulting from a traumatic experience. Hope is one of the strongest indicators for positive life outcomes and achievement, and has been proven to help regulate stress and negative emotions.

“My Best Me” uses the science of hope to build resilience and enthusiasm in students. The program applies its effective three-step goal-achieving method to its five core concepts: identity, health, community, environment, and economics.

Students begin by reflecting on their identities, personalities, and character strengths, which boosts confidence and improves their ability to have consistently healthy interactions in the classroom. “My Best Me” also teaches students the importance of community and relationships through collaborative group activities. By building healthy classroom communities, “My Best Me” has resulted in 68% fewer suspensions and expulsions and 81% fewer dropouts in addition to its positive impact on absenteeism.

About Hope Rising

Hope Rising’s award-winning EI curriculum, “My Best Me”, was created by a diverse team of child education specialists, emotional intelligence experts, authors, and specialized consultants from around the world. This curriculum is based on years worth of scientific research and is proven to have measurable positive results in participating classrooms. Each of Hope Rising’s K-12 classroom packs is designed to meet the needs of its corresponding grade level by education professionals specialized in that grade and age range.

“Schools using ‘My Best Me’ two years or more indicate a strong uptrend in positive outcomes, including an increase in graduation rates, improved grades, and greater respect for authority,” said one spokesperson for the company. “Conversely, schools using the curriculum see a strong downward trend in negative outcomes, such as suicides, unwanted teen pregnancies, absenteeism, bullying, in-school violence, disciplinary action, and suspensions.”

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