Tech-Driven Programmatic Job Advertising SaaS Platform With Easy Setup Updated

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This update brings upscaled data collection tools to the JobAdX platform. These tools are enhanced versions of the company’s pre-existing goal-driven software. Hiring teams can use these new tools to hire for larger workforces and in environments driven by temporary labour where the turnover rate is high.

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These tools have been upgraded for both the JobAdX Optimize and Exchange solutions, with enhancements to the automation and analytic features of these products. The company has made these changes to allow even the largest hiring teams to manage multiple ad campaigns across the highest traffic platforms.

Optimize and Exchange from the JobAdX programmatic ecosystem, allowing users to select their preferred job ad placement method.

JobAdX Exchange functions as a traditional, albeit algorithmically assisted, job ad exchange, wherein ads are placed according to where the automation predicts they will be most effective. This system can also self-adjust to reduce ad spend in low-traffic or unqualified areas, concentrating further on job ad locations with a higher conversion rate.

Optimize, on the other hand, provides a more carefully controlled job ad placement experience with precise data-driven feedback. The recent update also allows Optimize to monitor many campaigns at once, providing data on exposure, qualified traffic, and the current pay-per-click rate of a given campaign.

These lightweight tools provide hiring teams access to hundreds of partner channels to promote new positions programmatically. The two solutions can also be used in tandem, providing added benefits to hiring teams while simultaneously managing broad-reach and narrow-focus campaigns.

The newly updated tools are housed in the centralized JobAdX platform, which allows users to access campaign data and algorithmic tools through a single, easy-to-use interface.

These platforms are already being used by some of the largest companies in America, whose hiring needs are constantly scaling with their continuous growth. This technology is supported by a small team of developers passionate about delivering their clients the best solutions possible.

Interested parties can book a free virtual tour of these tools to understand better how JobAdX’s approach to programmatic advertising works and whether it may be suitable for their needs.

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