New York Workers’ Comp Insurance Plans For Restaurant & Food Service Announced

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This new coverage package fulfills the legal requirements laid out by the state of New York, which declare that a business must purchase and maintain a workers’ comp insurance policy. Enforce Coverage Group is now serving this market to help business owners stay compliant and protect their workers from undue financial harm in the event of an accident or injury.

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Enforce Coverage Group has clients in the fast food, casual, and fine dining industries protected under this newly offered policy package. Their group offers these businesses unique policies at flexible rates, depending on the specific class codes pertaining to a given client.

The group specializes in matching their clients with industry-specific coverage providers in order to locate the option with the most relevant coverage and lowest rates. Enforce works with many of the top providers in New York, and with select companies in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

The policies available through this new service typically cover workplace injury or death in order to protect against civil lawsuits in these cases. The law also requires coverage to be provided to workers at a rate of 2/3rds of their weekly wage during recovery, with full coverage of all medical expenses. Enforce can secure coverage that fulfills both of these requirements, and can also help determine whether a business may qualify for a legal exception to these rules.

A company spokesperson said, “We follow a rich tradition of providing cost-effective solutions coupled with unparalleled workers comp expertise to New York, Connecticut and New Jersey businesses. Our highest goal is to provide outstanding insurance protection, education and pricing to busy business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs.”

The executive team behind Enforce Coverage Group is composed entirely of workers’ compensation experts with over 20 years of combined experience. Together, they have worked with businesses in a number of high-risk industries such as contracting and sanitation to provide them with the most complete policies available, and can now do the same for food service and hospitality.

Interested parties can contact Enforce through their website or over the phone at (212) 947-4298. The group also offers a database of coverage options searchable by class code. Free quotes are available following a cursory discussion of the client’s budget and needs.

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