Beginners Face Pulls Excercise Guide For Complete Upper Body Workouts Launched

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The new guide from Fitness Fahrenheit includes a step-by-step process for executing the face pull exercise effectively. The guide covers different face pull variations to make the exercise more accessible and target specific muscle groups for a complete upper-body workout.

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Face pulls are a unique corrective exercise that focuses on some of the weakest upper body muscles in the body, and with this new guide, beginners and seasoned gymgoers can master the exercise for their upper back and shoulder development.

According to the guide, unlike most exercises that work the shoulders, face pulls focus on working the posterior deltoid but can also work a few other muscles in the back that are otherwise neglected, including the trapezius, rhomboids, and sometimes the external rotators.

Ensuring proper form and technique is essential to effectively working the deltoids. In the guide, Fitness Fahrenheit covers the basics of how to execute the exercise with proper form, including step-by-step instructions to allow novices and experienced gymgoers to perform the face pull exercise safely and effectively.

The guide covers different variations of the face pull to target specific muscle groups or to make the exercise easier or more challenging. Some of the variations highlighted include dumbbell exercises that target the rear delts, seated face pulls that help stabilize the torso when using heavier weights, and resistance bands to mimic the movements of a cable machine.

About Fitness Fahrenheit

To help beginners, intermediate lifters, and pro athletes achieve their fitness goals, Fitness Fahrenheit offers a range of resources, including evidence-based workout programs, nutrition plans, and reviews of fitness products. The online fitness information resource is the brainchild of Koji Lopez, a Marine Corps veteran and author committed to applying his knowledge of science to analyze most aspects of health and fitness.

“Face pulls are a truly unique exercise that works just one main muscle – the posterior deltoids,” said Koji Lopez, author of the guide, and founder of Fitness Fahrenheit. “Face pulls target the delts in ways other exercises do not, helping you to improve your posture, reduce joint pain, and build a bigger upper body.”

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