Bad Knee Exercises To Strengthen Quad Muscles & Relief Pain, Guide Released

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The new guide includes details about several workouts and physical activities individuals who suffer from painful knees can safely do to restore their knee function, decrease pain, and lose extra pounds.

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Research shows that over 20% of American adults experience knee pain, with older people suffering from the condition more than any other age group. Fitness Fahrenheit, through its latest guide, provides information about certain types of exercises that can ease knee stiffness and swelling, as well as strengthen muscles in the knee area and improve the range of motion.

The guide acknowledges that low-impact exercises, such as walking, cycling, swimming, and other water aerobics, are suitable for those with bad knees. These workout routines, as Fitness Fahrenheit explained, focus on stretching and strengthening the knees as well as the muscle groups that support them.

In terms of walking, the guide encourages readers to walk slowly for longer stretches, as they are knee-pain-friendly. The exercise promotes the production of synovial fluid for lubricating the joints, which helps prevent wear and tear. It’s also an excellent exercise for burning calories, the guide noted.

Water aerobics is another effective low-impact exercise the guide recommends, as it allows individuals to leverage the water’s buoyancy to work their knee muscles without putting their joints under pressure.

The guide further highlighted several stretching exercises, such as Pilates and yoga, that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine to strengthen major knee muscle groups, like the quads and hamstrings.

Also included in the guide are exercises individuals should avoid in order to prevent aggravating their condition. These include squats, running, and lunges, as they can overextend and put pressure on the knees.

While exercises can help relieve knee pain and improve function, Fitness Fahrenheit advises readers to consider working with experienced physical therapists for a tailored workout plan that can help fast-track their recovery.

Fitness Fahrenheit says, “Combining a healthy schedule of physical therapy and appropriate exercises for your condition can be a great tool to aid knee pain relief, fitness, and improved range of motion.”

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