Accredited School Chaplaincy Training For Counselors: 2023 Calendar Updated

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The calendar details the training schedule for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 applicants. A detailed guide on eligibility requirements and corresponding documentation has also been provided.

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The NSCA’s recently launched training calendar helps individuals who want to pursue a career in youth development and leadership. With the current school system acknowledging the need for chaplains, the association strongly encourages ordained ministers, teachers, and college students to sign up for the training program and get their chaplaincy accreditation.

Level 1 training is for ordained ministers or teachers who need little training. The NSCA assists these candidates with placement and re-certification, especially for ministers who already have a license from another country or state. The applicants will get briefings about the association’s core values and be introduced to a support group to help them establish their ministry.

The second option is a 48-hour course that is recommended for candidates who do not have licenses or credentials but have experience teaching or working with youth groups. It is a two-month course with six hours of classes every week. The course is equivalent to one college credit or three CEU credits, accredited by Oklahoma Christian University.

Level 3 is a one-year course for candidates without work experience. It is equivalent to one year of college and can be used toward a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Candidates who fall into this category only need to show a high school diploma or a GED.

Regardless of training level, all applicants will undergo background checks with the police, Interpol, and the FBI. Their social media accounts will also be screened. The NSCA states they hold their chaplains to the highest moral and ethical standards, as they will be counseling impressionable minds.

“Our nation’s youth need chaplaincy, and they provide the spiritual counsel students seek. School chaplain duties include but are not limited to prayer, counsel, and spiritual care for the school staff, the students, and their families. Chaplaincy expands the spiritual and mental health intersection in secular and public institutions,” a representative said.

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