Toronto Medical Professional Discipline Lawyer For Doctors, Nurses Announced

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The latest launch from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation extends the firm’s expertise to the medical industry, responding to the increased pressure that the sector finds itself under in the post-Covid era. The team brings many years of experience in representing doctors and other medical professionals who are facing allegations of misconduct or breach of contract.

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The announcement underlines Mr. Jaksa’s commitment to providing expert legal counsel to individuals from all walks of life, from minors facing charges of violent crime to established professionals whose careers are hanging in the balance due to alleged regulatory breaches. The firm brings a client-centred approach to its caseload and a firm belief in everyone’s right to a fair and balanced hearing.

Recent changes to the law via the Health Professions and Occupations Act have drawn criticism from the medical profession. The legislation proposes that the government will have the power to appoint board members to a new independent disciplinary tribunal in BC as opposed to the existing system in which health professionals elected these regulatory officials. Government sources claim the act will create greater transparency in the disciplinary process, restoring faith and accountability among the public.

Doctors in Ontario are concerned that these changes will soon come into effect in their area too and will compromise the integrity of professionals who have been unfairly accused. William Jaksa and his team ensure that all allegations are thoroughly investigated and that clients’ rights have been upheld at every stage of the complaints procedure.

The firm understands the stress and collateral damage that is caused by professional disciplinary charges and the effect they can have on a doctor’s future career. Mr. Jaksa advocates for a swift response and, where possible, resolving matters through negotiation before reputations are dragged through the mud.

William Jaksa has represented clients at disciplinary proceedings throughout his decades-long legal career, helping hundreds of teachers, nurses, lawyers, brokers, and doctors establish their innocence before a panel of their peers.

A spokesperson says, “A mistake or even an accusation can be devastating to your career. If you are facing disciplinary action by a regulator for professional misconduct it is important to take steps to defend your reputation.”

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