Land Avion Announces Texas Cash Purchase Program To Include Suburban Property

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Following the announcement, Land Avion is now accepting quotation requests for commercial and residential-use land, with cash offers now being made on a property in any condition. The recent expansion of the program adds to a variety of other land types that the company purchases, such as rural, forestry, and undeveloped areas.

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Land Avion states that its latest services are created to provide a fast and transparent way for owners of unwanted land to secure a sale. Offers made by the company are inclusive of all associated fees, and closure can be completed in as little as 30 days.

The recent move comes as Land Avion’s program gains popularity in other states, such as Florida, Alabama, Virginia, and Arizona. The firm accepts requests from individuals regardless of their financial status, allowing those who are behind on taxes or going through a divorce to participate in the initiative.

While the company receives the majority of its requests from those who own land in rural areas, the recent expansion to suburban lots is intended to provide a new option to owners in those areas. Undeveloped land or property in poor condition can often take longer to sell, and Land Avion points out that this is one differentiating factor in its program.

Land Avion also maintains its policy of including all fees in each offer. Those selling property are often faced with additional costs, as well as associated realtor commissions, which can have a significant impact on the final amount received.

Those wishing to request a quote for the program can now access a streamlined application process via the Land Avion website. Following the submission of details, the team will research relevant details, such as county data, recent sales data in the region, and comparable properties.

Land Avion states that it can now respond to new requests in as little as 24 hours, with applicants being contacted by phone or email to discuss the offer amount. If a sale price is accepted, Land Avion prepares and sends purchase agreements to clients, with closing dates to be agreed upon between all parties.

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