XSEED Recovery Seed Backup Tool, Fire-Resistant Storage Steel Plates Announced

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The latest release from The Crypto Merchant provides crypto holders with a state-of-the-art solution to misplaced, lost, or stolen seed phrases and passwords. Made by the esteemed manufacturer SecuX, the product ships with two stainless steel metal sheets and two industrial-grade aluminum plates alongside engraving tools and tamper-proof stickers.

More details can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/collections/hardware-wallets/products/xseed-pro-seed-backup

The launch expands the store’s already comprehensive collection of cutting-edge crypto security devices and coin storage solutions, providing peace of mind for customers and ensuring ready access to their assets. The Crypto Merchant enjoys a longstanding partnership with SecuX and is currently offering complimentary shipping for all orders within the US.

With millions of dollars worth of digital currency lost every year due to hacked or lost wallets, the risks of inadequate backups can prove extremely costly for investors. Recovery plates allow users to record the private keys and seed phrases generated by their hardware or software wallets. These phrases follow the BIP39 protocol and are made up of mnemonic words.

The XSEED plates act as a vital last line of defense for digital assets, offering a way to access one’s hardware wallet even if the initial key code has been lost. Despite their slim profile – just 1.5 mm thick – the steel plates can withstand temperatures of up to 2639 degrees Fahrenheit as well as being waterproof and resistant to rust.

The plates are easily stamped or engraved with all phrases notated via single stoke indentations and both the XSEED Pro and the standard model offer multiple backup sets. As a fully offline security tool, the device eliminates the threat of hacking posed by online seed phrase storage.

All products in The Crypto Merchant collection are kept securely in a temperature-controlled warehouse and reach customers in factory condition. All recovery plates and wallets sold by the store come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and a standard 30-day returns policy.

A spokesperson says, “If your wallet falls into the hands of a third party, full encryption of your data via PIN numbers and other additional layers of security prevents them from ever accessing your funds.”

For more information, go to https://www.thecryptomerchant.com

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