Trauma-Informed K-12 Teaching Strategies, Hope-Certified EI Curriculum Launched

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The organization’s new hope-certified emotional intelligence curriculum, “My Best Me”, provides K-12 educators with a fully-structured program for teaching resilient behaviors to trauma-affected students. The program guides educators in teaching students how to be hopeful through its three-step process of setting goals, identifying pathways to those goals, and cultivating the willpower they need to succeed.

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With this curriculum, Hope Rising offers K-12 educators classroom packs for their specific grade, featuring grade-appropriate interactive student workbooks and worksheets that can be edited to fit classroom needs. The “My Best Me” classroom packs also contain a teacher guide, additional online teacher training, a one-year subscription to digital versions of all learning materials, and access to a private Facebook group where educators can receive further training, ask questions, and share ideas with other “My Best Me” teachers.

Recent studies have revealed that at least two-thirds of the students in American classrooms have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime on average. Because of this, the demand for trauma-informed teaching has quickly intensified, especially in public K-12 schools. However, traditional academic programming does not dedicate space to emotional intelligence learning, making it difficult for educators to provide trauma-affected students the support they need to thrive.

“My Best Me” is built on the scientifically-proven power hope has to buffer adversity, protect against the negative impacts of stress, improve classroom relationships, and increase academic performance. Schools that have utilized “My Best Me” for at least two years have reported a 44% lower occurrence of chronic absenteeism, 81% fewer dropouts, and a 68% reduction in suspensions and expulsions.

About Hope Rising

Hope Rising is a curriculum developer dedicated to making emotional intelligence learning an integral and regular part of academic programming in schools around the world. The organization’s EI curriculum, “My Best Me”, was hope-certified by the University of Oklahoma Hope Research Center, which identified the curriculum as effective in encouraging resilient, hope-driven behaviors in students.

“In increasing numbers, educators in classrooms nationwide are seeing more and more children exposed to adversity, stress, and trauma,” said one spokesperson for the organization. “The impact of this trauma on the learning environment is felt throughout the hallways of schools as students struggle with academic performance, disruptive behaviors, and emotional insecurity. It is essential to equip teachers with the proper tools to mitigate the trauma and help their students thrive.”

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