New Small Cap Trading & Short Selling Mentorship Chatroom For Amateur Traders

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The latest updates affirm MIC’s growing reputation as one of the web’s most comprehensive resources for those interested in forging a career in the stock market. Built around its peer-supported chatroom and innovative mentorship program, the platform offers subscribers a way to expedite their path toward financial self-sufficiency.

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The announcement explains how new members can plug into a global community of like-minded individuals via the chatroom. This thriving social hub offers a space to make new friends and contacts, find inspiration, and discover helpful tips for new approaches to day trading. An expanded suite of introductory classes is also available via the seven-hour Accelerator course – an exhaustive introduction to day trading aimed at beginners.

MIC’s small-cap coaching arms subscribers with a deep knowledge of the key concepts of market capitalization. Small-cap stocks are of particular interest to amateur traders due to their relatively-low price valuations and the resulting potential for growth. While these stocks are known to be more volatile than their large-cap counterparts, adequate research and analysis help to mitigate the risks of acquiring these assets.

The MIC syllabus also covers short selling. This approach involves selling borrowed assets before buying them back later at a lower price in an inverse of conventional trading strategies. Subscribers are taught the essentials of fundamental analysis which helps to identify the potential weaknesses of trading candidates and how short selling can be used as a form of hedging strategy to offset losses on long positions.

MIC’s flagship mentoring program assigns an elite-level trader to each subscriber. Sessions can be conducted one-to-one or as part of a group and the mentoring panel is reachable seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging. MIC also hosts weekly webinars with live market recaps and issues daily trading blueprints to members.

A spokesperson says, “Day trading can be like a business. You need to have a plan, research the market, and be disciplined to be successful. With careful planning and a disciplined approach, day trading can also offer the potential for significant profits.”

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