Jersey City Cerebral Palsy Attorney, Medical Malpractice Law Services Announced

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The announcement comes as NJ Injury Guys aims to provide a means of extended legal guidance for parents whose child has been afflicted with the condition. As explained by the firm, precedent exists for initiating birth injury lawsuits against doctors or other medical personnel involved in improper delivery procedures that may have caused cerebral palsy in newborns.

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With this move, the Jersey City, NJ medical malpractice lawyers open a channel for professional consultations and no-win, no-fee representation when proceeding with legal action. Its team pledges to help affected clients target much-needed compensation sufficient to go toward treatment and therapy costs for their children.

According to NJ Injury Guys, its lawyers look to ascertain whether medical parties are at fault in these cases by assessing the circumstances surrounding the birth. The firm says that its experienced team is able to determine whether negligence may have occurred on the part of medical professionals extending to delivery techniques and even the standard of care facilities.

“It is possible to file a birth injury lawsuit against the doctor or medical facility if your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy,” says a representative. “If your physician used out-of-the-ordinary techniques when delivering your baby, or mishandled signs of distress, you can pursue compensation.”

NJ Injury Guys advises that there are several circumstances related to labor and delivery that may directly contribute to cerebral palsy in children. Since the condition can be caused by an inhibited supply of blood to the brain, close monitoring is necessary – and doctors or nurses may be at fault for failing to take appropriate preventative action such as performing a C-section.

Where the actions or inactions of medical staff have led to cerebral palsy in newborn children, NJ Injury Guys can work with clients to pursue compensatory amounts. This can include vital financial coverage of any special education, speech therapy or PT, and mobility equipment needed by affected children.

Due to the statute of limitations in New Jersey regarding filing lawsuits, the firm encourages clients to initiate proceedings without delay via its official website or its over-the-phone contact options.

One recent client remarked: “The office treats their clients with respect and professionalism. We were extremely satisfied with the results of our case and the customer service we received.”

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