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The newly announced learning textbooks guide high schoolers through the company’s emotional intelligence curriculum which increases their cognitive competencies and ability to overcome adversity. “My Best Me” is an evidence-based program that uses hope-centered science to teach high school students how to effectively set goals and build the pathways and willpower needed to achieve those goals.

Interested parties can learn more at https://hoperisingedu.com/product/grade-9-classroom-pack/

With this announcement, Hope Rising offers grade-appropriate classroom packs that contain student workbooks and a teacher guide so students and educators can develop their hope-based skills alongside one another. These classroom packs also contain access to online teacher training and support, family engagement activity pages, editable student worksheets, and a one-year subscription for digital copies of the student workbooks and teacher guide.

In recent studies, seven out of ten American teenagers reported that anxiety and depression were major problems for people their age in their communities. An additional 26% of teens reported these issues as minor problems. With widespread depression and anxiety, high school classrooms are experiencing high rates of absenteeism, class disruptions due to self-destructive behavior, and declining academic performance.

“My Best Me” teaches high school students how to establish long-term habits for improving and maintaining their own mental, emotional, and physical health. This EI curriculum also encourages hope in students by teaching them how to set positive goals and achieve them through personal accountability, willpower, and actionable pathways.

To date, schools using “My Best Me” have reported a 68% decrease in suspension and expulsions, 81% fewer dropouts, a 44% lower occurrence of chronic absenteeism, and higher graduation rates.

About Hope Rising

Hope Rising is an emotional intelligence curriculum developer that has designed the world’s first hope-centered EI curriculum for K-12 students. The company strives to offer educators a fully-structured program for helping students develop necessary psycho-social skills that can be easily incorporated into the primary academic curriculum. Hope Rising created “My Best Me” in grade-appropriate versions for kindergarteners up through high school seniors.

“In increasing numbers, educators in classrooms nationwide are seeing more and more children exposed to adversity, stress, and trauma,” said one spokesperson for the company. “The impact of this trauma on the learning environment is felt throughout the hallways of schools as students struggle with academic performance, disruptive behaviors, and emotional insecurity.”

Interested parties can learn more and contact Hope Rising’s team by visiting https://hoperisingedu.com/product/grade-9-classroom-pack/

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