Fitness & Nutrition Workout Challenge Program With DNA Analysis For Women Launch

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This new challenge program utilizes biometric data to create personalized fitness and nutrition regimens for its members. The challenge takes place over the course of three months and involves weekly fitness benchmarks, personalized coaching, nutritional guidance, and much more.

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FitFX Global’s newly announced Spring Into Fitness Challenge has been created to help those who are feeling stuck and unable to take agency over their health to do so more effectively, without overexerting themselves. The challenge presents reasonable, achievable goals with frequent 1-on-1 and group check-ins for added accountability.

The challenge is being promoted to individuals living in Bethesda, Potomac, and Rockville Maryland in a drive to build both an online and in-person community of fitness-minded individuals there.

The program begins with a biometric analysis, which can determine how a member’s genetic profile may impact their health journey so that their personalized plan can be tweaked accordingly. The DNA screening tests for potential issues such as food intolerances, genetic predisposition to disease and injury, hormonal balance, as well as macronutrient profile.

Following this assessment, the expert team who are at the forefront of this program will create a weekly nutrition plan based on that genetic profile. This plan will contain specific, simple recipes that are designed to maximize the intake of complete proteins, amino acids, and micronutrients to support the body and immune system during the duration of the challenge.

This challenge also provides members with weekly fitness plans featuring three virtual pre-recorded workouts. These workouts are available via the FitFX app, which is optimized specifically for this challenge and allows users to track their progress and obtain after-action reports following each weekly workout completion.

Support is also available in the form of live coaching, group counseling, and personal weekly check-ins with the team. Over the course of these sessions, participants in the program will be guided gently toward success by a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all of whom have the same goals and aspirations.

Throughout the program, participants will have access to a panel of experts in areas such as disease and injury prevention, corrective exercise, sports nutrition, and physical therapy. They will also be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group to connect on a personal level with other members for further support.

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