Crypto Hardware Wallet With Shamir Security Backup & Touchscreen Announced

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The recently released hardware wallet is hack-proof, protecting the user’s assets from any form of cyberattack. This makes it ideal for retail investors seeking a safer haven from online wallets and exchanges.

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According to blockchain data firm Chainanalysis, 2022 was the “biggest year ever” for cryptocurrency hacking incidences. It estimated that $3.8 billion was stolen from businesses in that year, $500 million higher than in 2021.

“Securing the entire chain is a task beyond any retail investor,” a spokesperson from The Crypto Merchant said. “But you can take steps to safeguard your own assets. By storing your crypto in a hardware wallet, you’re effectively putting it beyond the reach of bad actors.”

These storage vaults are virtually hack-proof, and unlike online wallets, they do not become outdated, so investors do not need to buy the newer models after a year or so of use. The information within the hardware wallet cannot be leaked or breached because it is not connected to the internet.

The Trezor Model T is one of the company’s most advanced hardware wallets. While being solidly built, the wallet also contains a number of security features that make it impervious to hacking.

For one, it uses a touchscreen for verification. The Crypto Merchant explained that this is preferable to entering one’s recovery seed or passphrase in a computer, which is vulnerable to malware carrying key loggers. As an added security feature, the device uses a randomized keypad, which makes key logging difficult if not impossible.

If the device gets lost, users can still recover the contents of their wallets through Trezor T’s Shamir backup feature. Shamir is a new security standard that allows users to create multiple recovery shares (a portion of a cryptographic secret) and configure the number of shares needed to create a recovery seed.

About the Company

The Crypto Merchant is one of the largest retailers of hardware wallets in the US. What separates it from other retailers is that its inventory is carefully curated and that it only supplies authentic products sourced directly from suppliers.

“With crypto, you can’t be too careful. Buying from just any store is not a good idea because your product could arrive tampered, which will only create more problems,” the company representative said. “With The Crypto Merchant, you won’t have to deal with that experience.”

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