Chiropractor Marketing For Patient Growth: SEO & Reputation Campaigns Expanded

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ChiroReach’s expanded services help practices reach new patients by improving their visibility, engagement, and exposure. Included in the services are chiropractic SEO, content authority marketing, direct email marketing, and web design.

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Chiropractic SEO is the first marketing tool from the expanded range that ChiroReach offers its clients because it’s also the most important. With chiropractic therapy being such a competitive industry locally, it’s vital that practices get themselves into Google Maps’ top three organic results, says the company. ChiroReach helps them get to that stage by creating an environment where search engines are inclined to feature their services.

Another service ChiroReach provides is content marketing. Their marketing experts create videos, audio, slideshows, social media posts, and articles designed to build the practice’s reputation. This content is then published on hundreds of popular, high-authority platforms.

For a more traditional approach, ChiroReach also offers direct email marketing. By targeting relevant demographics pulled from ChiroReach’s database of over 100 million opt-in email addresses, practices can reach thousands of prospective patients in a very short period of time.

Lastly, the company provides high-quality web design services. ChiroReach uses the latest technology and design tools to ensure that websites provide a seamless experience for visitors.

“Our chiropractic marketing services are designed to deliver lasting results and quickly move practices ahead of their local competition,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our chiropractic marketing experts do the heavy lifting for practices so that they can focus on the health and wellness of their patients.”

Prospective clients can schedule a call with one of ChiroReach’s chiropractic marketing experts by calling the number in the description or by filling out a Zoom call request form on their website. The company offers three different types of Zoom calls: Discovery Calls are short 30-minute calls that educate prospective clients on ChiroReach’s services; Demo Calls allow prospective clients to see how the services work; and Q&A Calls are for existing clients who have inquiries about their current services.

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