ChatGPT Alternative Search Engine For US Patriots With Free Speech News Launched

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The new search engine is being positioned as a rival to the big names in internet searches, including Google and Yahoo, as well as a rival to the new AI technologies that have been funded by these internet conglomerates, including ChatGPT. TUSK believes the internet should be a true platform for free speech, where individuals can search for news and information that isn’t controlled and censored by the interests of the internet’s biggest shareholders.

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TUSK has created their new alternative search engine following the successful launch of their alternative web browser last year. The collective of US patriots and conservatives who developed the browser app in 2022 have launched a new free speech search in 2023, one likewise free from liberal bias and censorship.

With the same functionality as the dominant search engines, the main point of difference with TUSK is that search results are not driven by liberal-controlled algorithms. The founders of TUSK believe that, for many conservative and right-leaning Americans, the information they seek often gets ‘buried’ by the big names in internet searches. They also recognize that many left-wing Americans also want to be able to see both sides. That’s why their new search engine, which they describe as a viewpoint tuner, offers completely uncensored search results.

In alignment with their overall mission of liberating the internet from liberal bias and making information from all sides of the political spectrum more available to internet users, the TUSK alternative search engine also includes a built-in news feed for breaking news and top stories. Those searchers who register with TUSK will have the opportunity to customize this news feed so it filters for their trusted news providers.

The TUSK alternative search engine and web browser are the product of years of development by a leading group of American patriots and anti-censorship activists.

A spokesperson for the free speech internet platform said, “With TUSK Search, you don’t have to worry about being censored, monitored, or confined to a sandbox of ‘approved’ information. You’ll have the power to access any content, anytime you want. You can even choose search results based on their left, center or right values–just like your own.”

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